Anti-Corrosive Protection Lowestoft

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we provide the anti-corrosive protection Lowestoft customers need for all types of components. Whether you are a manufacturer, a restorer or an engineer, we offer the best in high quality, competitively priced anti-corrosive protection Lowestoft has to offer

What corrosion does anti-corrosive protection prevent?
Whether you restore old components or manufacture new components, corrosion is a continual problem. It is particularly an issue with iron and steel components, but it can occur with other metals and alloys as well. This is especially a problem in the engineering, oil, gas, construction and petrochemical industries, though it is also a challenge in other industries.
Corrosion is where the surface of the metal reacts with other substances. The most obvious example is rust. This is where the iron in the component reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce iron oxide, more commonly known as rust. Similar corrosion can occur where the surface of iron and other metals is in contact with the air or with other chemicals used in the industry.
At first, the corrosion can just look like discolouration. But over time, it can weaken the component, resulting in cracks and breaks. Over time, the whole component can become useless, leading to expensive repair work.

How does anti-corrosive protection work?
By choosing anti-corrosive protection, Lowestoft customers can prolong the life of their components by ensuring that corrosion does not happen. This works by either thermal or metal arc spraying. In both instances, the component is given a thin, even coating of a substance that will protect from corrosion. Common examples are zinc and aluminium, both of which prevent corrosion by acting as a barrier between the surface of the component and the oxygen or other substance that will cause the corrosion.
With thermal spraying, the coating is heated and then sprayed at high pressure onto the component. As the molten anti-corrosive protection hits the surface of the component, it is flattened onto the surface, to create a smooth, strong coating. An alternative method, metal arc spraying, used an electric current to charge the coating as it is sprayed. This attracts the molecules to the surface and creates an even stronger coating.
Why are we the best provider of anti-corrosive protection Lowestoft customers need?
At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we specialise in providing the high quality anti-corrosive protection Lowestoft customers need. We can coat large and small components and use a range of protective coatings depending on the needs of your project. This includes anti-corrosive protection which can act as a base layer for another finish, as well as a protective finishing layer. This includes hight quality powder coating and protective spray coating.
Because we work to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards, and we conform to industry standards for spraying, including having a NACE 1 & 2 coating inspector on our team, you can be confident that all our anti-corrosive protection is the best choice Lowestoft has to offer. For more information and a free quote, contact the team today.

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