Blast Cleaning Lowestoft

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd we specialise in providing the blast cleaning Lowestoft has to offer. We work to the highest professional standards in the industry to provide effective blast cleaning services. When it comes to getting the best choice in blast cleaning, Lowestoft companies will not find a better option than the range of services we offer.
What is blast cleaning?
Blast cleaning involves spraying an abrasive medium against a metal surface. The abrasive medium acts to smooth off the surface. In the simplest way, you could liken the process to using sandpaper on the surface. Just like a piece of sandpaper could be used to abrade, or wear away, rough parts, as well as any impurities or paint, the abrasive spray acts to smooth the surface and remove any rough parts or paint layers. However, unlike sandpaper, with blast cleaning you get a faster, smoother and more even finish with is less labour intensive than sanding by hand.

How is the blast cleaning Lowestoft customers need carried out?
When it comes to blast cleaning, Lowestoft customers have different needs. For example, they may have small components or large panels that need blast cleaning. Also, Lowestoft customers may simply need the surface having a simple blast to brush particles off the surface, or they may need the surface blasting to take it back to new white metal.
However, the principle of all blast cleaning is the same. The parts are placed in a blast space, which could be a blast bay for large components, or a hand cabinet for smaller components. Then the appropriate abrasive media is selected. For many applications, high quality glass bead is the best choice, but we can also work with Australian garnet, copper slag, aluminium oxide and recycled glass. This allows us to achieve the right finish for our customers. This media is sprayed at high pressure onto the surface. As each particle of the abrasive media in the blast cleaning spray hits the surface, the uneven flakes and impurities are smoothed away. Because the spray is in liquid form, the abrasive media can work into all the spaces and parts of the component, including areas that could not be reached by hand.
Why use the blast cleaning Lowestoft customers need?
By using blast cleaning, Lowestoft customers can achieve an even, clean and smooth surface on all their metal components. This is important if you are restoring an older part that has rust, oil or other impurities on the surface. It is also important for ensuring that there are now uneven parts of residues from the manufacturing process. If you are planning to paint or coat the component, blast cleaning is the perfect way to ensure that there is nothing under the coat that will weaken the component or damage the final coating.
As well as the best choice in blast cleaning Lowestoft has to offer, at Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd we also offer a full range of services in powder coating and protective spray coating. For more information and all enquiries, contact our team using the links on the website.

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