Metal Arc Spray Lowestoft

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we provide a full range of spraying and coating services. We can take your component from its newly manufactured or restored state and provide a blast cleaning service. This can clean off any substances and impurities. Then we can carry out protective spray coating and powder coating. By the time our process is finished, the component will be evenly covered with a long lasting, anti-corrosive protection.
One of the reasons that our service is so high quality is that we are the leading specialist in metal arc spray Lowestoft customers can rely on. We use high quality metal arc spray equipment to ensure that we always work to the high standards that our Lowestoft customers expect. But what is metal arc spray, and why is it the best choice for your components?
What is the metal arc spray Lowestoft customers need?
Have you ever used a spray paint? That is a helpful way of thinking about metal arc spray. With a spray paint, you activate the spray. From the top of the can, a mist of paint comes out in a pressured spray. If you could look at this mist under a microscope, you would see that the mist is made up of many small particles of paint. As each particle hits the surface being sprayed, it flattens onto the surface.
With the metal arc spray Lowestoft customers need, the basic idea is similar. The metal or paint coating is sprayed at pressure as particles. As each particle hits the surface of the component, it flattens. The many particles create a hardened layer of coating. However, metal arc spray technology takes this a step further. As the spray leaves the gun, it is provided with an electric charge. This makes each particle electrically charged. The surface being coated is connected to earth. This creates an attraction between the surface and the particles of the coating. Think about how a magnet is attracted to a piece of metal. There is a similar effect involved in the metal arc spray Lowestoft customers need. The combination of the spray under pressure and this electrical attraction means that the particles of coating become strongly attached to the surface.
What are the advantages to using a metal arc spray?
One of the advantages for Lowestoft customers by using metal arc spray is that the finished coating is strong and durable. This helps to extend the life of the part and prevent damage and corrosion. The other major advantage is that the electric attraction helps to make a smoother, more even coating, for a better finish so the component looks good.
At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd we have experience in dealing with all types of components. Large or small, restored or newly manufactured, we can provide the best in high quality metal arc spray Lowestoft customers need. We have industry standard quality assurance processes and onsite inspection experience to make sure that every project is completed to the highest standard. For more information, contact our team today.

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