Powder coating Lowestoft

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we provide the leading industry choice for powder coating. We are confident that when it comes to high quality powder coating, Lowestoft customers will not find a better choice. We guarantee precision work, using the best materials and tools, at competitive prices.

One of the services that we provide is powder coating. This is ideal for all types of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium components and machine parts. The powder coating Lowestoft customers need is suitable for newly machined parts, as well as parts which have been restored.
The first stage of the process for powder coating Lowestoft businesses need is to make sure that the component is completely clean, smooth and free of any impurities and other substances. For this, we carry out a high quality blast cleaning service. This involves blasting an abrasive media suspended in liquid at the surface. This is an efficient way to remove particles from the surface, or even strip back the component to white metal.
Often, before a final powder coating is applied, we recommend a prime coat. This involves spraying a primer power coating onto the surface. This prevents any corrosion and gives a good base for the finished protection. As an alternative to a primer powder coating, Lowestoft customers also have the option of a hot zinc spray.
Once it has been primed, the component is ready for the best powder coating Lowestoft has to offer. This involved two stages. First of all, the powder coating is applied to the surface of the component, then it is cured in an oven to harden and reinforce the coating.
The first stage involves the spray powder. With powder coating, Lowestoft customers can choose the colour of coating that they need. This is then loaded as a powder into a spray system. The particles of powder are sprayed at high pressure toward the surface of the component. As they impact on the surface, they flatten and harden into a layer. This is enhanced by the fact that with the spray nozzle, the particles of powder coating are electrically charged, and the component is earthed. This enhances the effect of the coating, as the particles are attracted to the surface and naturally arrange themselves into a smooth, even coating.
After spraying, the item is cured. Our curing oven is large enough to handle components up to 6 metres long and 3 metres wide. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art monorail system, so we can carefully handle even heavyweight components. Once the powder coating is cured, it creates a hardened layer. This looks good, but it is also long lasting, resistant to damage and prevents corrosion.
If you need the best choice of powder coating Lowestoft has to offer for your components, we are confident that we have what you need. Why not contact us today? As well as giving you a free quote, we can help you to select the best options for your components and projects.

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