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Anti-Corrosive Protection Acton

Anti-Corrosive Protection Acton

Anti-corrosive protection is essential for many businesses which work with metals. Whether you work in the production of parts and components, the construction of machines and systems, or the restoration of old vehicles and building elements, anti-corrosive protection is essential. It could make the difference between selling parts and components which stand the test of time and lead to repeat customers and good recommendations, or parts which rust and fail, leading to expensive refunds and a poor reputation with customers.
For the best anti-corrosive protection Acton has to offer, look no further than Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd. We have been working in the industry and providing the anti-corrosive protection Acton customers need for over three decades. We work to a high standard. In fact, we were awarded ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, which is a mark of our dedication to providing a consistently excellent standard of work. We also have NACE Level 1 and 2 coatings inspection qualification, which gives our Acton customers the confidence that will provide a high standard of work.
When people think of corrosion, they think of rust, and this is one aspect. But they often think of rust in terms of the dark patches that appear on metal. This is only the external evidence. Corrosion is where chemicals react with other chemical, weakening the structure of a material. Rust, for example, is commonly where the iron in a metal item reacts with oxygen to create iron oxide, a brown, flaky material. Whilst this may look unsightly, it also weakens the overall piece of metal. Other types of corrosion can involve different chemical reaction, perhaps with chemicals that will be in contact with the items that you manufacture during their working lifespan.
The solution is anti-corrosive protection. Acton customers can choose to have an anti-corrosive protection layered onto their components or parts. Whether you have a machine part or a piece of fence panelling, the anti-corrosive protection means that it will be able to resist the corrosive effects of chemical interactions. The anti-corrosive protection Acton customers need consists of a thin but resilient layer of a substance which will protect the underlying material. Anti-corrosive protection options tend to work in one of two ways – they can react with the chemical or air instead of the material itself reacting, or they can create an airtight barrier which the air and chemicals cannot penetrate. Either way, the end result is that the component lasts longer because of the anti-corrosive protection Acton companies choose.
Typically, we will work by cleaning off the component using our blast cleaning methods. This removes all oils, contaminants, powders and excess materials from the surface so that the component is completely clean. Next, we apply the anti-corrosive protection Acton customers need. Our options include metal arc spray, powder coating and a choice of protective spray coatings.
For more information, including a free quote or all enquiries about the best anti-corrosive protection Acton has to offer, contact our team using the link and details on the website.