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Ever since the dawn of time, the knowledge and understanding needed to produce and work with metal has been carefully guarded by skilled artisans, and it has been handed down from master to apprentice with quasi-religious dedication. Right up until modern times, metal workers and blacksmiths were essential members of a community and were often highly respected tradespeople. Although modern production has taken the skills of metal production away from the blacksmith’s workshop and put it into the factory and the industrial refinery, metal has not lost its value, and today steel prices are climbing quickly.

The steel industry is as competitive as it has ever been, and with rising costs and energy prices, the margins for a refinery business are tighter than they have been for a long time. If you run a refinery or you have a refinery processing plant in your production process, it is important to stay up to date and able to compete with the competition. One of the best ways to make sure your refinery is well maintained and fit for purpose is to protect the machinery and parts of the refinery with high quality powder coating. To find out more about the importance of powder coating and protective coatings for your refinery, be sure to read the following information and find out more about where you can go for high quality powder coating for your refinery processors.

Powder Coating for A Refinery

Powder coating is a process by which a high-quality, durable protective finish is applied to surfaces like metal, plastic, fibreboard and various other materials. While powder coating in a refinery may look similar to paint, powder coating is significantly different and much more practical for refinery processes. The powder coating formula can be changed to suit different purposes and uses, but the basic concept is the same in most applications. The powder coating is formulated with a polymer resin base that is mixed with levelling agents, flow modifiers, curatives and pigments and then the coating is sprayed onto the target surface using a process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD), which applies an electrical charge to the coating which adheres it.

Depending on the application of the powder coating, the formula can be changed or modified to make it suitable for different applications and able to offer protection against specific risks. Most refinery processes involve incredibly high temperatures, or sudden, rapid changes in temperature, and this can severely damage or wear machinery or fixtures around the refinery processes. Powder coating can be designed to specifically protect against high temperatures, chemical corrosion, reactive agents and even elemental damage, making it an incredibly useful solution for protecting at risk materials and parts in refinery processes.

Refinery Powder Coating by Abbey Protective Ltd

Abbey Protective Ltd offer high quality painting, powder coating and protective services for all areas of industrial production, factories and commercial settings. If you want the right powder coating for refinery processes, get in touch with the team at Abbey Protective Ltd today for more information.