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Anti-Corrosive Protection Suffolk

At Abbey Protective Coatings, we’re all about ensuring our customers protect their valuable equipment. This is why we’re a leading supplier of anti-corrosive protection in Suffolk. We service many commercial clients throughout different industries, including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Railway, and much more.


What all our clients have in common is they work in environments – and use equipment – than can easily be affected by various elements. As a result, metal corrosion is a real problem. When a metal corrodes, it becomes weaker and looks a lot worse for wear too. Consequently, a weaker and corroded piece of metal can easily break down, causing you many problems.


To extend the life of your metalwork, and keep it in good condition, you need anti-corrosive protection.

Best Anti-Corrosive Protection In Suffolk

Our service focuses on providing your structures with anti-corrosive protection spray. We use a special industrial wet spray that coats your items and makes them immune to corrosion. It’s highly recommended that you get this service carried out on new items you may have. Currently, we’ve sprayed items such as power generators, tanks, large steelwork pieces, and a lot more. Essentially, if you have something made out of metal, and are afraid it may corrode in the future, come to us, and we’ll protect it for you.


It’s worth noting that this is a protective service. That means our protective spray won’t get rid of any existing signs of corrosion. If this is a problem you need taking care of, don’t worry. Not only are we the best supplier of anti-corrosive protection in Suffolk, but we also provide blast cleaning to help rid steelwork of corrosion. Feel free to visit the services page on our site to find out more about this.


However, it’s highly recommended that you undertake some form of anti-corrosive protection too. This will only serve to increase the life expectancy of your metal equipment. It will help prevent damages from occurring that may lead to you needing to purchase new items. The cost of replacing something like a power generator is far more and requires a lot more effort than simply applying some anti-corrosive protection spray.


We’ve been in this line of work for 32 years and have all the experience needed to get the job done. Over these years, we’ve managed to trial many different anti-corrosive protection sprays to find out which ones are the most effective. Today, we various coatings such as polyester and a multi-coat epoxy & polyurethane coating.


As well as this, we differ from other suppliers of anti-corrosive protection in Suffolk as we give customers a choice of colours. You can view our colour chart on our site to see what choices are at your disposal.

Start Protecting Your Metal Today

If you have any metal equipment that is prone to corrosion, we urge you to get it protected today. Give us a call if you want the best anti-corrosive protection in Suffolk, and we’ll cater things to your needs. You can also email us with your contact details and any queries if you so wish.