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Powder Coating Acton

Powder Coating Acton

Are you looking for high quality powder coating solutions? Is your business based in the Acton area? For the best choice in powder coating Acton has to offer, look no further than our experts at Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd.
Powder coating is a method of applying a powder based polymer coating to the surface of an item. It is highly effective in covering all types of components, from machine parts to containers and fencing. It works by spraying a fine powder onto the surface. The surface is electrically charged, which means that the powder arranges itself evenly and consistently across the surface. The powder itself is available in a variety of compositions and in different colours, depending on what you need. Once the powder coating has been applied, the item is cured using heat. This changes the chemical structure of the powder to create long structural chains which make the covering resilient and hardwearing.
Powder coating is used in all industries which require their components to look good and last well. It is a good way of achieving an even and attractive finish, which is long lasting and which can stand up to the elements and harsh environments.
One of the main advantages to the powder coating Acton businesses need is that it is effective at thoroughly and evenly covering the surface of an item or component. The electrical charge ensures that the item becomes evenly covered. Forget spray paints, which leave blobs, drips and bare patches on irregular shaped items, powder coating always gives a smooth and even covering.
Another main advantage to the powder coating Acton businesses choose is that it is a cost effective way of coating your components. It is quick to carry out, meaning that you can meet your deadlines. By choosing powder coating Acton businesses do not need to choose between saving money, a fast job or a high quality finish – powder coating offers all three aspects for your Acton based business.
The typical process for powder coating will begin with us receiving the components from your Acton based business. We usually start with blast cleaning, which removes any contaminants or oils on the surface. Then, using high quality powder coating equipment, we can carry out the coating process. Because we are fully equipped, we can carry out the full process at our worksite, without needing to send your components to third party companies.
If you need the best choice in powder coating, look no further than Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd. We can provide your Acton based business with the best in quality, craftsmanship and customer service. We have over three decades of experience in the industry, so we know what we are doing. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, as well as having NACE 1 and 2 coating inspection qualifications. These accreditations can give you the peace of mind that we know what we are doing, and we operate to a consistently high standard.
For more information, including all enquiries about the best powder coating Acton has to offer, contact our team using the link and details on this website.