Unit 13 Clopton IP13 6QT

Park Clopton, Woodbridge Suffolk

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ISO 9001:2015 Registered Firm

ISO 9001:  2015 Quality Management System

Quality Policy                              Policy Statement

This policy encompasses all the subsidaries of Abbey Protective Coatings, The Managing Director, management and staff of the Abbey Protective Coatings are fully commited to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the supply of quality products, processes and services in accordance woth the company”s organisational goals and the expectations and needs of all clients in all spheres of the company”s activities and operations.

The company accepts total responsibility for the provision of qualified and experienced management, personnal and skilled tradesmen, suitable resources, documented working practices and procedures to ensure all contract commitments are both efficiently and effectively expedited and acheived.

The company has formulated and implemented its own Quality Assurance Manual to describe and document all working practices and procedures, i.e the Quality system, in order to meet the company”s quality objectives as determined by the International standard for Quality Systems.

To ensure the working effectiveness of the quality system management has appointed a quality manager with executive responsibility for the quality system and its continuing effectiveness and continal improvement.

The quality policy of Abbey Protective Coatings is a corporate ‘Statement of Commitment’ which is totally supported b y management and all personnel within the organisation.


Quality Manager

Abbey Protective Coatings