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Hot Zinc Spray Suffolk

A hot zinc spray offers a method of providing anti-corrosion protection underneath powder coating. It is an alternative to a powder primer, which is also intended to protect a metal surface before a powder coating layer is applied. As experts in all kinds of industrial spraying, Abbey Protective Coatings offers the option of hot zinc spray in Suffolk to help expand the lifespan of your metal assets. Protecting your metal items and structures before applying powder coating is crucial if you want them to last as long as possible. It helps to ensure that powder coating will properly adhere to the metal surface for a more efficient, better-looking finish.
Why Zinc
When you need to treat a metal like steel, covering it with another metal might seem like an odd choice. However, zinc has excellent anti-corrosion properties, making it a top choice to protect metal. It’s common to spray with zinc before using powder coating because it’s such a good way to protect metal. An alternative is a powder coating primer, which also helps to prepare the surface for the powder coating.
The Hot Zinc Spray Process
A hot zinc spray should be carried out before applying powder coating to metal. The whole process of applying a hot zinc spray includes several stages to get it right. The surface first needs to be cleaned so that it is ready for any further treatments to be applied. Using abrasive blasting can then prepare the metal so that the zinc spray and powder coating or other sprays are able to adhere to the surface better. The zinc can then be sprayed on and will then turn hard. It can be applied in layers to build it up. It then needs to be painted over, perhaps with powder coating, or if it isn’t going to be painted, it must be sealed.
The Importance of Hot Zinc Spray
Adding a hot zinc spray to a metal item is a crucial part of ensuring it will last as long as possible. It helps to give a better surface for anything that needs to be added to the metal. It has advantages over some other processes that do the same job, making sure it doesn’t distort the metal. As a leading provider of industrial spraying in Suffolk, Abbey Protective Coatings makes it convenient for you to get all the services you need. We can take care of everything from blast cleaning to hot zinc spray and powder coating, so there’s no need go to different companies for these different services. We really are a one-stop shop when it comes to industrial spraying.
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Abbey Protective Coatings is a favoured provider of hot zinc spray and other industrial spray services in the Suffolk area. Get in touch with us today to enquire about any of our services, including hot zinc spray and any treatments you can have before or after it. You can call or email us to discuss your needs.