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Industrial Blast Cleaning Suffolk

Clean steelwork is a necessity for a number of reasons. Getting rid of unwanted paint or corrosion helps to keep metal in good condition, ensuring that it’s functioning well and looks good too. It might also be necessary to clean steel before applying a new protective coating or paint so that it can adhere to the metal correctly. Abbey Protective Coatings offers blast cleaning in Suffolk, which is an effective way of cleaning steel structures. Various media can be used to carry out blast cleaning, and we can work to different blasting standards to provide the best results.
Why Use Blast Cleaning?
Cleaning metal isn’t as simple as using a cloth and some soap. If you want to restore steelwork to a good condition and restore its aesthetic qualities, you need something a bit more powerful. Industrial blast cleaning gives you the power you’re looking for, propelling a stream of abrasive material at the surface that requires cleaning. It’s an effective way to get the job, and it’s often necessary if you want to properly clean and restore any metal work, particularly for large structures. It’s also a flexible method of cleaning, which gives you the option of different degrees of cleanliness.
Blast Cleaning from an Experienced, Reliable Company
If your company requires blast cleaning, having it carried out by a reliable company is imperative. Abbey Protective Coatings provides industrial blast cleaning in Sussex, using decades of combined experience to deliver a high-quality service. With our state of the art blasting facilities, we can take on any job you require. We are a family company that aims to hire the best and provide training to ensure our operatives all carry out their work to the same high standards.
Blasting Facilities and Process
Our blasting facilities include two blasting bays, a bead cell, and a hand cabinet. These are all used to spray different abrasives for various results. We use our Blast Bay 1 for Australian garnet for SA 1 to SA 3 blasting standards. In Blast Bay 2, we can deliver the same standards of cleanliness but use aluminium oxide to achieve this. The bead cell uses Glasbead for a textured and polished finish, while the hand cabinet uses the same material to tackle smaller items.
Blast Cleaning Applications
We service a wide range of industries with our industrial blast cleaning services. These include the rail and marine industries, oil and gas, power generation, engineering and construction, and much more. Any industry that might require metal surfaces restoring due to the effects of corrosion or a build up of paint over time can benefit from using blast cleaning. It’s also an excellent way to prepare steel for a protective coating or paint, ensuring it looks good and the coating will adhere to the surface.
Get Industrial Blast Cleaning in Suffolk
Contact Abbey Protective Coatings today for industrial blast cleaning in Suffolk. Call or email us to find out more about our services, including blast cleaning and the other services we have to offer.