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Railway Powder Coating

The modern railway is a staple of British transportation, and thousands of people and companies rely on trains and railway services to make journeys and get goods every day. Like any industrial or commercial system, the railway is a competitive business, and various suppliers, engineering firms, rail companies and workers rely on the British railway network. In some ways railway engineering and fabrication is unique, and often there are unique challenges and difficulties that really are not comparable to any other area. Why not take a moment to find out more about the British railway system and how Abbey Protective Ltd can help you keep your railway technology and systems safe and well maintained.

The History of the British Railway System

The western industrial revolution was a period of incredible technological development and innovation that changed the social, economic and cultural landscape of the United Kingdom more than at any other time in history. Probably the biggest single technological development of the era was the railway. Although railway systems existed in the UK from as early as the 1560s, they were local, small scale railway systems for short regular journeys. It wasn’t until the development of steam powered locomotives in the early nineteenth century that largescale railway use expanded. Once transportation by railway became faster and more reliable, there was a sudden explosion of interested and soon railway lines were being pushed out to every corner of the British Isles.

As the railway system developed in the United Kingdom, so did the various technologies and systems required to make and keep it profitable, safe and reliable. These days faster trains, increased loads and tighter overheads require more maintenance and better care to keep everyone safe and everything working as it should. One of the best ways to maintain and care for the various parts and technologies associated with the railway is with the right protection. Abbey Protective Ltd offer high quality powder coating that is perfect for railway systems.

Railway Powder Coating

One of the biggest challenges for a lot of rail technology is that it needs to be very hard wearing. The weather is a constant problem for the railway, and almost every part of the railway is susceptible to water damage, rust and corrosion, weathering and the build-up of dirt and grime. One of the best ways to protect exposed metal and polymers is with specially formulated powder coating. Powder coating for the railway can be formulated to have weather resistance as well as a tough, durable finish that protects at risk materials from corrosion and wearing.

Powder coating is easy and cheap to apply to the railway or any other area of industry, and the team at Abbey Protective Ltd can provide carefully designed powder coating specific to the surface you need protecting. With over thirty years of experience providing the right powder coating the railway needs, Abbey Protective Ltd are ready and able to help with anything you need. Get in touch today for more details.