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Powder Coating for Petro-chemical Systems

There are many highly specialised and incredibly clever technologies in the United Kingdom these days, and both in industrial and commercial settings, science and engineering have combined to create new and exciting opportunities that would have seemed to be only possible in science fiction only a few decades ago. One such industry that is changing the face of British industry is petro-chemical engineering.

Abbey Protective Ltd offer powder coating and protective solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, and many require highly specialised coating solutions that are designed to manage the risks associated with a particular process or task. As well as providing powder coating solutions for companies in industries as varied as mining, agriculture, railway transportation, metal refining and power generation, Abbey Protective Ltd also offer specialist powder coating and protective solutions that are suitable for petro-chemical processing.

Powder Coating for Petro-chemical Systems

A surprising number of industries rely on petro-chemical engineering or use processes similar to those used in petro-chemical engineering to produce other products and these kinds of petro-chemical equipment need to be carefully looked after to keep them working properly. Petro-chemical processing involves creating highly volatile, hostile environments using heat, pressure and chemical reactions, and this puts the equipment used for petro-chemical processing under incredible stress. These demands can leave petro-chemical equipment dry and worn, and if untreated, these damaged surfaces can begin to corrode, contaminating the petro-chemical processes.

Powder coating and other precise coating solutions can be used to protect petro-chemical equipment and prevent wear and tear that can cause problems, slow production and lead to faults in the system. Unlike painting, powder coating is a highly technical process that can be carefully formulated to provide specific protective properties depending on the application. Abbey Protective Ltd can provide specially formulated powder coating for petro-chemical processes that offers anti-corrosion, anti-fretting, anti-galling properties, as well as resistance to wear and chemical damage.

The powder coating Abbey Protective Ltd can apply to petro-chemical equipment and processing plants is easy and fast to apply, and the team are experts at working with companies in various industries to provide high quality powder coating without holding up production or causing an unnecessary break in output. Delivered with precision to chosen surfaces using electrostatic spray deposition, the powder coating can be used on all sorts of surfaces and materials to provide specific, high-quality resistance that can stand up to even the most demanding use.

Abbey Protective Ltd

If you are looking for the best professional help with powder coating or other protective solutions for use in petro-chemical engineering processes, than look no further than Abbey Protective Ltd. With over thirty years of experience working with a wide range of industrial and commercial firms in a wide range of settings, the team at Abbey Protective Ltd are experienced and qualified to advise and supply all sorts of protective solutions to the petro-chemical industry. Get in touch with the friendly team today for more information and speak to the dedicated support staff now.