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Metal Arc Spray

Metal spraying is carried out in a wide range of anti-corrosion & engineering markets where corrosion is a major problem, these include oil & gas, construction, petrochemical & marine. 

Metal or Thermal spraying is a technology, which protects & extends the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile environments.

Metalised Coatings

The variety of metalised coatings is vast but can be broken down into:

  • Finishing coatings, such as anti corrosion or decorative coatings.
  • Engineering coatings, such as wear resistant & thermal barrier coatings.

The ARC 140/5350CL

The ARC 140/5350CL (as shown), enables us to provide a top quality, highly effective protective coating to give our customers products longevity, all of our operatives are fully trained to manufacturers standard – School of thermal spraying technology & can apply zinc and aluminium coatings.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, we can advise you on the systems & products that would be most suitable for purpose.