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Shot Blasting Suffolk

Abbey Protective Coatings offers expert services in protective coatings, blast cleaning, and powder coating. One of our most popular services is shot blasting or blast cleaning, which offers a way to clean steel work that has suffered from the build-up of paint and corrosion. Abbey Protective Coatings has more than 30 years of experience in the field, and we make it our mission to deliver only the best results. Because shot blasting is so popular with our customers, we know it’s essential that we continue to deliver a high-quality service that will keep people coming back.
How Does Shot Blasting Work?
What exactly is shot blasting? Shot blasting is a method of treating old steelwork using abrasive materials. The selected material, which can be small metal particles, minerals, copper slag, glass beads, or other materials, is blasted at the surface to be treated. It gets rid of old paint, rust and corrosion so that the metal is restored. It’s a useful method to improve the aesthetic quality of metal, as well as to make sure a surface is in good condition so it can be painted or have a protective coating applied.
Benefits of Shot Blasting
Shot blasting offers a range of advantages for anyone who wants to repair or prepare a metal surface. It’s an accurate and efficient method of carrying out the task, and it’s often more eco-friendly than some other methods. Shot blasting prepares a surface so that a better bond can be created between it and the protective coat applied after the process. It also helps to increase the lifespan of the surface and any coats that are applied. Shot blasting is an excellent choice for any surface preparation or repair needs you might have for your business.
Covering All Your Shot Blasting Needs
Abbey Protective Coatings has been servicing a range of industries for a number of years. We believe that we offer the best shot blasting facilities in Sussex and the wider area. We have two blast bays, as well as a bead cell and hand cabinet, which we use for blasting smaller items with Glasbead, giving a more textured finish. We work to various blasting standards, including SA 1, 2.5 and 3.
We use various media to get rid of rust and corrosion from steelwork. We are the top company in Suffolk for shot blasting, as well as a range of other services, including powder coating and protective spraying. After shot blasting, we can continue to improve your steel items by applying protective coatings or colouring them.
Abbey Protective Coatings for Shot Blasting in Suffolk
If you’re looking for shot blasting in Suffolk, Abbey Protective Coatings is the place to choose. We always make sure we take care of our clients and deliver our services to the highest standards. As the preferred shot blasting service in Suffolk, we are reliable and trustworthy, with decades of experience. Call or email us to ask about our services and arrange the shot blasting you need today.