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Powder Coating

Top Class Powder Coating Service

We offer a top class powdercoating Service for our customers that can be applied to stainless, Aluminum & mild steel items. 

Powder coating is the technique of applying dry powder to metal items. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. It is strong, abrasion resistant & solid to provide years of anti corrosion protection for your products.

Our curing oven is capable of taking items 6 metres long by 3 metres wide and we have adapted a state of the art monorail system to enable us to move items around the powder plant to meet customer demand.

We are competitve with our pricing & offer a top quality reliable service.

Powder Primer

Abbey Protective Coatings would recommend all external architectual metal work go through a powder primer process prior to powdercoating into colour, this will extend life expectancy & protect against corrosion. 

Hot Zinc Spray

Alternatively to acheive anti corrision protection Abbey Protective Coatings can offer a hot zinc spray coating underneath the powdercoated finish.

Powder coating is applied by an electrostatic gun, the powder is electrostatically charged & sprayed onto the substrate. It is then placed into our curing oven where the powder particles melt together & bond to form a continuous film, this provides a highly durable quality finish coating that is also aesthetically pleasing.

We currently offer many different types of powdercoating:

  • Polyester powder
  • Polyurethane powder
  • Powder primer
  • Warm to touch coatings
  • Textured finish coatings
  • Clear Lacquer systems

Contact us to discuss all your coating requirements, we are experienced & knowledgeable & can advise you on the most suitable system for you.