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Protective Spray Coating Suffolk

If you’re looking for protective spray coating in the Suffolk area, you have come to the right place. Here at Abbey Protective Coatings, our work over the years has covered many different areas in wet spray application, from large steel fabrications through to tanks and acoustic enclosures. Whatever industry you are working in, our protective spray coating is the perfect answer to your problems.


Protective Spray Coating Suffolk


With 32 years of experience in spray coating in Suffolk region, Abbey Protective Coatings have been providing finishes at a high standard for industries and businesses from Lowestoft, Ipswich, Harwich and all over the UK. Our excellent location enjoys first-class transport links, giving us incredibly easy access to the Anglia region, London, and beyond.


Spray Painting For Businesses


While specializing in protective paint and blasting systems, our industrial wet spray application is enjoyed by many different companies from every sector. Our fantastic and long-held knowledge of high-performance spray techniques has seen us applying that all-important protective finish for all kinds of equipment, including baseplates, compressor sets, and power generation components.


Spray Painting For Industries


A lot of customers ask us – what industries do we serve? Abbey Protective Coating supplies spray painting to many different industries, including oil and gas, subsea, power generation and railways. We have worked on contracts for engineering and construction, defence industries, and water treatment centres. Not to mention our work applying protective spray coating at ports and various refineries up and down the country.


Primers and Coatings


Our high-performance coatings include multi-coat epoxy and polyurethane systems that can handle any environmental conditions. We also have polyester coatings if you need them. With regards to primers, our various layers can cover holding and prefabrication primers, all sprayed right here from our home in Suffolk.




If you are looking for a particular colour for your protective spray coating needs, we have a huge range of options for you. Customers can make their selections from the RAL & BS colour ranges, and, if necessary, we can match colours. Abbey Protective Coating Systems will also endeavour to find and source any other specialist coatings to meet your business’s direct requirements.


Safety & Excellence


As Suffolk’s protective spray coating expert, we have enjoyed three decades of growth and expansion. Our staff are all trained to exceptionally high levels and guarantee quality finishes for every one of our customers. Abbey Protective Coatings have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and we also have Nace 1 & 2 coatings inspector qualifications. We believe this certification highlights our desire and ability to complete all our work with the highest quality and an entirely flexible approach.


Other Services


Abbey Protective Coatings offer a broad range of services that will help you achieve your project needs. We offer collection and delivery, and can also arrange haulage for larger structural equipment that needs to have protective spray coating applied. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs, and we will get back to you from our protective spray coating centre in Suffolk.