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Shot Blasting Acton

Shot Blasting Acton

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we can provide you with the best choice in shot blasting Acton has to offer. We have over three decades of experience in the industry, so we are confident that for shot blasting, Acton customers cannot find a better choice. We guarantee a high standard of work with good materials, carried out by expert technicians and with excellent customer service. Better still, we do this for competitive prices which will help you to meet your budget and keep your costs down.
Whether you make new components and parts, or you restore and maintain older parts, it is a fact that any metalwork will quickly accumulate unwanted particles. This could be for a variety of reasons. With newly machined parts, there are likely to be fragments of metal, traces of chemicals, and weld marks or burns. There may also be discolouration on the metal. If you are restoring or maintaining components, there may be corrosion and rust on the surface. There may also be a build up of oils or greases. Removing this mixture of contaminants is about more than just making your products look good – it also prevents damage down the line. For example, failing to remove metal shavings or grease could cause a motor to seize, leading to expensive repair work.
When you think of cleaning, you might not immediately think of shot blasting. Perhaps you think of grabbing a rag and wiping the component down or immersing the component in a cleansing bath. Both have their place in industry, but they are not as thorough as the shot blasting Acton customers can choose. Both wiping and immersing the component can leave parts which are missed, especially in hard to reach or irregular shapes. Also, these processes can themselves leave other contaminants on the surface.
Shot blasting is the solution for Acton businesses. It involves blasting abrasive media at the surface. The exact media will vary from job to job. We have a variety of options, including Australian garnet, recycled glass, glass bead, copper slag and other materials. The abrasive force removes any contaminants or flakes on the surface. Also, by controlling the size of the cleaning media particles and the pressure of the spray, we can control the depth of the clean, whether you just want the surface contaminants removing or you want the surface stripping back to reveal bare metal. We offer the full range of shot blasting Acton customers require for their business.
As well as the shot blasting Acton customers need, we can provide a range of coating options if you want the components to be protected. We have options for protection against corrosion, for increasing resilience, and for creating a decorative finish. We specialise in metal arc spray, powder coating, and various protective spray coatings. For information about any of these, or how Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd can provide you with the best shot blasting Acton has to offer, contact us today. You can find our details on the website, and we are ready to help.