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Industrial Spraying Suffolk

When you have anything sprayed with powder coating or a protective coating, you need to ensure that the job is carried to the highest standards. Abbey Protective Coatings has been in the business for years, with over 30 years of combined experience among our team. We provide industrial spraying in Suffolk that can take care of all your needs, no matter what industry you operate in. No job is too big or too small for us to take on, with protective coating application, thermal arc spraying and powder coating among the range of services we offer. If you’re looking for the best, Abbey Protective Coatings will deliver it.
Range of Industrial Spraying Services
Our services span a range of possibilities, helping to meet the varying needs of businesses in different industries. We offer three main services for industrial spraying in Sussex to help you protect and update any equipment or structures.
Metal arc spray: Metal or thermal spraying helps to extend the lifespan of materials that may be in particularly hostile environments. Anti-corrosion coatings can be applied, while engineering coatings help to resist wear or create thermal barriers. Decorative finishing coatings are also an option.
Powder coating: Powder coating finishes can be applied to stainless, aluminium and mild steel to create a tough and hard finish. Powder coating is sprayed onto the desired surface, then goes into our curing oven to seal the finish. Before applying powder coating, a primer or a hot zinc spray are recommended to prepare the surface and prevent corrosion, extending the life of the material.
Protective spray coatings: Abbey Protective Coatings has a great deal of experience applying all kinds of high performance coatings, as well as using them with primer coats. We offer a range of colour choices and can source specialist coatings when they are required.
Experienced Industry Professionals
Together, our team has more than 30 years of experience in industrial spraying. We have the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of your business, no matter the industry. We are an ISO 9001:2008 quality assured firm, and an ICATS/ICORR registered company. All of our operatives have plenty of experience and strive to deliver only the best service to all our clients. We train all our staff to the highest standards and pride ourselves on being a family-run business you know you can trust.
Servicing Varied Industries
Abbey Protective Coatings caters for a wide range of industries. We work with the oil and gas industry, railway, agriculture, defence, and many more. Our industrial spraying services have a large number of applications, making them suitable for many different uses.
Forward-thinking Company
Our company is always looking into the future, aiming to be innovative. We use the latest technology to carry out our work and deliver the best results.
Contact Abbey Protective Coatings for Industrial Spraying in Suffolk
Call Abbey Protective Coatings today to ask about industrial spraying projects in the Suffolk area. With our excellent road links, we are in the ideal place for transport and shipping.