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Blast Cleaning Acton

Blast Cleaning Acton

Do you need blast cleaning? If so, look no further than Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd. We specialise in providing all the best choices for the blast cleaning Acton businesses need. We work to a professional standard. Our team are fully trained and experienced, meaning that they can provide the flexible and consistent standard of service that you expert. We are confident that when it comes to blast cleaning, Acton businesses will not find a better choice for high quality, professional and affordable work, provided at affordable and competitive prices.
Blast cleaning is useful to many businesses in the Acton area. In simple terms, it is a method of cleaning off items that are going to be painted or otherwise used. It works by scouring the surface of an item with a carefully controlled and directed blast of a cleaning media. We work with a variety of different materials. The most common choices include Australian garnet, copper slag, aluminium oxide, recycled glass, and glass bead. We can find the right material for the job that you need.
The process of blast cleaning Acton businesses needs works by firing the blasting media at the surface in a controlled environment. The solid media breaks away contaminants on the surface. It will strip away paint, but also remove grease, oils, flakes, or powders of substances used in the manufacturing process, and any other materials that are on the surface. We work to the specification that you need, graded from SA 1 to SA 3, depending on whether you just want a surface clean, or you want the material stripping back to bare metal.
Blast cleaning is useful for a variety of industries in the Acton area. It is common for the manufacturing industries. It means that the parts can be thoroughly cleaned before coatings like protective spray coatings or paints are applied. It can also be used in the restoration of machines and vehicles. In this instance, the blast cleaning method can remove old grease, oil, and rust to restore a metal component to original condition.
At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we are proud to have over three decades of experience in the blast cleaning Acton businesses need. We have built up our expertise and knowledge of blast cleaning in this time, making us the leading experts for all Acton companies and businesses. Because we work to such a high standard, we have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. If you are not familiar with this, it is a leading industry standard which is used to recognise businesses which have excellent professional working practices which ensure a high and consistent standard of work. We also have a NACE Level 1 and Level 2 coatings inspection qualification. All this guarantees that when you work with Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd for blast cleaning, you can be confident that there is no better choice for your Acton business.
For the best choice in blast cleaning, Acton customers can rely on our specialist services. Contact our team for more information or a free quote.