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Metal Arc Spray Acton

Metal Arc Spray Acton

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we are the leading specialists for metal arc spray Acton has to offer. For all your business needs, we can provide you with the best work in metal arc spray Acton customers will find. Better yet, we do this at affordable and competitive prices. We know that high quality metal arc spray work does not need to be expensive, and saving money for your Acton business does not mean sacrificing the finished standard of the work. At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we provide the best combination of high quality craftsmanship, superior materials, competitive prices and excellent customer service.
What is the metal arc spray Acton customers need?
Metal arc spray is an important industrial process which is useful in many types of business. In simple terms, it is a metal of coating an item with a fine layer of metal. It is carried out using a high specification handgun unit. A high power electric current is run through two metal wires, which are melted by the heat that is generated. High pressure air is then blasted across the molten metal, atomising it into a carefully focused mist. This is sprayed at high pressure onto the surface of the item being coated. The name of the process, ‘metal arc spray’, is because the metal is sprayed by using an arc, or electrical current, to melt the metal.
What types of Acton businesses will benefit from metal arc spray work?
Essentially, most types of industry that have any type of manufacturing or machining role can benefit from our high quality metal arc spray. There are two main reasons for using metal arc spray options. The first is for a protective coating. This is a common aim for many businesses in the Acton area. The metal arc spray provides a thin, even coating on the surface. This can act as a shield to protect the underlying material from corrosion or rust. This can be useful if you are manufacturing items that need to withstand the elements, or which need to withstand wear and tear.
The other use for the metal arc spray at Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd is to create a cosmetic look. It is an effective way of creating a smooth, even and consistent coating on an item for decorative purposes.
Because we have over three decades of experience in the industry, as well as a team of fully trained, experienced and qualified specialists ready for jobs in the Acton area, we are confident that we are the best choice on the market.
What other services do we offer at Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd?
As well as the best choice for metal arc spray Acton has to offer, our team at Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd can provide blasting, powder coating and protective spray coatings.
What should you do if you need metal arc spray work for your Acton business?
For more information, including all enquiries about metal arc spray, Acton customers can contact our team using the link on the website.