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Powdercoating Clopton

Powdercoating Clopton

If your business is involved in manufacturing goods, or if you own a site with fences and metalwork that needs repainting, then you need the same thing – you need a method of painting which gives a well presented finished, is quick and cost-effective, and which will be long lasting.

In this case, what you need is powdercoating. Powdercoating meets all these requirements and could be exactly the process you need. When it comes to powdercoating, Clopton has the best option in the form of Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd. They are specialists in powdercoating who can handle small and large jobs. But why does powdercoating meet your needs?
• It produces a smooth, attractive painted finish’
With powdercoating, Clopton customers will find that the finish is smooth and even, not patchy. This is because the pigment is applied in the form of electrostatically charged particles, which are baked onto the surface. There is no dripping or running which can occur in some spray methods.
• It is quick and cost-effective
The process is quick, which is good for your business. You can move on with the coated item quickly, which minimises your costs. Although the powdercoating Clopton businesses use is not the cheapest painting option, it is cost-effective in terms of time.
• It is long-lasting
One particular benefit of powdercoating Clopton clients appreciate is that the painted surface is harder than with other methods. This protects the finished piece from chips and scratches and keeps it in good condition for longer. This adds to the cost-effectiveness of the job.
• It protects the surface from corrosion
With powdercoating, Clopton clients benefit because the material is protected from corrosion on the metal surface. This is especially true if combined with a protective anti-corrosive coating under the paint. This substantially extends the life of the painted metal.
• It can be used on small and large items
The method of powdercoating is very flexible. It works equally well on small items and large items. So, whether you need small machine parts, whole fence panels or something else painting, powdercoating is probably the best method to choose.
When it comes to powdercoating, Clopton has the best option for your business. Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd are specialists at powdercoating with over three decades of experience in the business. The team have handled all types of jobs, working to industry standard and with the best quality materials. This means that you can have confidence that your business or site will benefit from using Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd.
As well as powdercoating, Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd offer a full range of services. They are specialists in blast cleaning. They also have the facility to use metal arc spray or protective spray coating to prevent corrosion on your metal parts, before finishing with powdercoating. Depending what combination you require, Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd are ready and able to take on the full task, from start to finish. To see how they can meet your business needs on any small or large job, contact their expert help team today.