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Blast Cleaning Suffolk

At Abbey Protective, we’re experts in all things blast cleaning and coating. With over three decades experience in this industry, we’ve spent countless hours perfecting our craft and improving the services we provide. It’s our mission to create many happy customers within the Suffolk area.  

Blast Cleaning In Suffolk

One of our original, and most popular, services is blast cleaning. We’re proud to be recognised as one of the leading providers of blast cleaning in Suffolk. With our highly experienced team and top class blasting facilities, we can work to various blasting standards. This includes SA 1, 2.5 and SA 3.


What is blast cleaning? It’s a method developed to help clean old steelwork. Over time, steelwork can become encrusted with paint and full of corrosion too. This isn’t ideal as it can shorten the lifespan of a piece of steelwork, as well as ruining how it looks.


As the top supplier of blast cleaning in Suffolk, we aim to get rid of all the encrusted dirt and corrosion from steelwork. To do this, we use various Medias including copper slag, aluminium oxide, and Australian garnet. We can also use recycled glass and glass bead too. By using our blast cleaning service, you can increase the visual appeal of old steelwork quite considerably. Not only will it look good, but it will also last a lot longer too, meaning you get more value for money.


Our blast cleaning service isn’t always used purely for cleaning old steel. It’s also very good at preparing steel surfaces that need to be coated. With blast cleaning prep, the surface will be a lot easier to coat, with the finish sticking to it more effectively too.

The Best Blast Cleaning In Suffolk

We feel confident in calling ourselves the best providers of blast cleaning in Suffolk largely down to our incredible facilities. You’ll struggle to find another company in the country that can match us when it comes to the equipment we have available.


Our company has not one, but two blast bays that are used for blast cleaning. Blast Bay 1 primarily uses Australian Garnet to blasting standards SA 1 – SA 3. We also use all other medias in this bay too. Apart from aluminium oxide, which is only used in Blast Bay 2.


We then have a Bead Cell and Hand Cabinet to make up all of our equipment. In the Bead Cell, we use GLASBEAD which helps provide a more textured finish to the metal we’re blasting. Our hand cabinet is only used for smaller items that need blasting.

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As you can see, we offer a truly extensive service for our customers. It doesn’t matter if your steelwork is large or small, we have the means to ensure it’s blasted properly and efficiently.


If you work in an industry that relies on steel and other metals, then our service is perfect for you. To ensure you get the best blast cleaning in Suffolk, make sure you contact us today. Call us or send an email, and we’ll gladly discuss everything with you.