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Shot Blasting Ipswich

Shot blasting is the best way to clean your steel work and get rid of crusted paint and corrosion. We know how frustrating it is when you see corrosion or rust on your products as you know it will only get worse. Inevitably, this results in you disposing the products and buying new ones.

However, at Abbey Protective Coatings, we provide expert shot blasting in Ipswich. With this service, we can blast off any corrosion or rust, leaving your steel work in the perfect condition. If you have any excess paint that’s built up in corners or needs to be removed for coating purposes, then shot blasting is super effective at dealing with this too.

We work to your requirements, so give us a call, and we’ll provide expert advice on what kind of shot blasting will benefit you the most!
What Is Shot Blasting & What Are The Benefits?
Shot blasting is a technique used to treat steelwork using a range of abrasive materials. There are lots of different materials we use, and they’re blasted out of our specialist shot blasting machines onto your products.

Due to the extreme pressure and speed, the abrasive materials can essentially blast off any paint, rust, or corrosion. The end result is a steel surface that’s thoroughly cleaned and good as new!

The benefits of shot blasting are diverse, and it’s such a brilliant way of treating your steelwork and improving the quality of the surface. When you choose our service, you’ll see these fantastic benefits:

Improved appearance of your steel
Prevention of rust and corrosion
Removes unwanted paint so you can apply a new colour
Gets your steel ready for other coating services to add extra protection
A more eco-friendly technique than other variations
Quick and effective process

Why Choose Us For Shot Blasting in Ipswich?
Abbey Protective Coatings has been carrying out shot blasting for many years. We know the right method of blasting steelwork to produce the best results. What’s more, all our work is carried out to varying blasting standards – from SA 1 all the way to SA 3. This means that you have control over how powerful and thorough the blasting is – a standard of SA 1 is perfect for a short brush off blast that gets rid of minor rusting!

Along with this, we have a very talented team that will take care of you on every step of the process. We know how to expertly handle steelwork and ensure that it’s well looked after and blasted safely. You’re in extremely safe hands, and you get this service for a competitive price!
Contact Us Today
Pick up the phone and call Abbey Protective Coatings for the top shot blasting service in Ipswich. The service is tailored to you, so let us know what your problem is and we’ll advise you on the best course of action. If you want to rejuvenate old steelwork and prevent corrosion, then shot blasting is the only service for you.