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Metal Arc Spray Clopton

Metal Arc Spray Clopton

Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd are the leading providers of metal arc spray coating from their Clopton workspace. They also specialise in blast cleaning, powdercoating and protective spray coating.
Does ‘metal arc spray’ sound like a phrase you would expect to hear in a sci-fi movie? If so, you may be surprised to find out that metal arc spray refers to a high-quality industrial process where a metal item is coated in a thin, strong coating of a second metal.
What is the point of the metal arc spray Clopton manufacturers use?
There are two main reasons to metal arc spray. They most common is to protect the material from corrosion. For example, by coating with zinc or aluminium, a steel frame will be protected from rusting and last much longer. This is especially important if the object will be used in a location where corrosion is a major problem, such as marine uses. The protection given by a metal arc spray is better than simply galvanising the material.
The second reason is for the look of the finish. A metal arc spray gives a smooth, polished and hardwearing metal coat to the item, which can be useful if the item is ornamental.
How does metal arc spray work?
A specially adapted spray gun is used. It has two wires of the metal which are charged with electricity. They create an arc of electricity and atoms of the metal become molten. Compressed air blasts this molten metal onto the surface to be coated. As the particles of molten metal hit the coating surface, the splat onto it. More and more particles hit the surface and build a strong, smooth layer of metal.
Why is metal arc spray so useful?
When it comes to metal arc spray, Clopton and British customers benefit from this technique. It gives an even finish, which is long lasting and hardwearing. Additionally, it is a time efficient method and large areas can be covered quickly, which avoids excessive costs. Because the method can be used equally effectively for small items and large structures, it is useful for most manufacturing and construction industries.
Why are we the best option for metal arc spray Clopton has to offer?
Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd are confident that they provide the best in metal arc spray Clopton has to offer. The location is ideal for providing services to both British and international markets. They offer the best combination of cost, experience and quality on the market.
For metal arc spray, Clopton is home to a fully equipped workspace. Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd can handle small and large projects. All clients have specific requirements, and processes can be adapted to suit your specific needs.
As well as metal arc spray, the Clopton workspace offers a range of other services, including powdercoating and protective spray coating. They can see a process of coating through from the very first stage to the finished goods. Why not contact the team today to discuss your requirements?