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Blast Cleaning Clopton

Blast Cleaning Clopton

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the market leaders in providing blast cleaning Clopton companies can rely on. With over three decades of experience in blast cleaning, Clopton does not have a better alternative. Whether you are involved in construction, industrial production or restoration, blast cleaning may be just what you need. What exactly is the blast cleaning Clopton customers use, and why might you need it?
What is the blast cleaning Clopton customers use?
Metal items and frames can easily become covered in contaminants. This will depend upon the type of metal and how it is used, but one of the most common contaminants is rust. If steel or iron have not been protected, for example, or they have been exposed to damp air, they can develop rust which discolours and weakens the metal. Another common contaminant are grains of grit or production chemicals used in the manufacturing process that are still on the surface of the finished product. An example of a contaminant that you might not have thought of is old paint on objects that are being restored.
The blast cleaning Clopton business use involves high pressure air being used to blast abrasive substances, like sand or glass beads, against the surface of the metal. These abrasives cannot damage the metal frame, but they are effective at removing all contaminants and polishing the metal to a clean state.
Why might you need blast cleaning?
If your business is involved in construction or manufacturing, you might need blast cleaning. This ensures that the surface of the frames or materials are completely clean and ready for painting or coating. Without blast cleaning, you could be coating on top of rust or contaminants and this could severely reduce the life span or strength of the finished project.
Alternatively, you could be restoring old equipment or machinery. With blast cleaning, you can get any rust or old paint out of the way, so that the parts are as new as possible, resulting in a better finished restoration.
How can you get the best in blast cleaning Clopton has to offer?
The best blast cleaning Clopton has to offer is provided by Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd. We are specialists in blast cleaning Clopton customers can really trust. Our expertise means that we can identify the best abrasive media and technique for blast cleaning your materials without causing damage. This expertise is combined with a fully equipped workspace. Regardless of the size of your project, we have a blast bay, bead cell and hand cabinet, which allow us to carry out high quality blast cleaning on both large and small projects.
As well as blast cleaning, we offer a range of other services. We are specialists in metal arc spray coating, as well as powdercoating and protective spray coating. This means that we can carry out large and complex commissions, including blast cleaning and coating materials from start to finish. Why not contact our experienced help team to discuss how we can meet your needs?