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Protective Spray Coating Lowestoft

Protective Spray Coating Lowestoft

At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd we offer a wide range of spray and coating services, including the best option for protective spray coating Lowestoft has to offer. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, professional service at competitive standards.
One of the options we offer is blast cleaning. This is designed to remove substances and irregularities from the surface of metal parts. By spraying an abrasive media, like glass beads or garnet particles, at the surface of a metal item, we can remove surface substances including paint, or even strip the component back to white metal. We work to internationally recognised standards and can work with large as well as small components.
Having cleaned the component, we can then apply the protective spray coating Lowestoft customers need. There are several options for this coating, but all are designed to achieve three crucial goals – protect the item from corrosion, make the item more durable and long lasting, and give a well presented, attractive finish. We use high quality, precision metal arc and thermal spraying equipment to ensure that the finish is always smooth and even.
One popular option for the protective spray coating Lowestoft customers need is powder coating. This involves spraying a powder coating onto the surface of the component. This is available in a range of colours and textured finishes. The particles of powder are fired at high speed from the nozzle of a spray gun. As the particles leave the nozzle, they are also given an electrical charge. The combination of the speed at which they are sprayed, combined with the electrical charge, means that the particles arrange themselves evenly across the metal surface and flatten down to make an incredibly strong protective layer. The strength and durability of this smooth, attractive finish makes it one of the best choices for the protective spray coating Lowestoft businesses need.
Another service is in priming components. This can involve a powder coating which is applied after blast cleaning but before the final powder coating is applied. Another option for priming components is a molten zinc coating. Since zinc is a good way of preventing oxidation and corrosion, this is a popular choice for many components that will be used in engineering, construction and many outdoor industries. With good priming, the final protective spray coating Lowestoft customers need will be smoother and last longer.
At Abbey Protective Coatings Ltd, we have been providing the choice of protective spray coating Lowestoft customers need for over three decades. This means that there is little we have not seen pass through our fully equipped worksite. Whatever project you are working on, we are the leading choice in protective spray coating Lowestoft has to offer.
One of the reasons we are so confident to make this claim is that we have a fully equipped workshop with high quality equipment. Additionally, we have well established ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance processes, as well as a NACE 1&2 coating inspector on the team. For more information, including all enquiries into the best protective spray coating Lowestoft has to offer, contact our team today.