Here at Abbey Protective Coatings we can offer Blast cleaning services using Medias such as Australian garnet, copper slag, aluminium oxide, recycled glass & glass bead, to standards SA 1- SA 3.

Blasting is used to remove build up of paint & corrosion from many surfaces on old steelwork, it is also used to achieve a profile to on new or old steel to enable coatings to adhere, thus inceasing life expectancy and make the item cosmetically pleasing.

We can work to blasting standards , SA 1, 2.5 & SA 3 depending on the specification; we can also carry out a brush off (flash) blast to SA 1 to remove light rusting.


BLAST BAY: In our blast bay we use AUSTRALIAN GARNET along side many other Medias depending on the specification to achieve blasting standards SA 1 – SA 3.

BEAD CELL: We use ”GLASBEAD” as our blast media in the self contained cell, bead blasting is used to give a textured, polished & overall improve the appearance of metals.

HAND CABINET: We also have a hand cabinet to bead blast smaller items, using the same material as our bead cell.


Degree of Cleanliness                 


White metal blast


Near white metal blast

SA-2 ½

Commercial blast


Industrial blast

SA-1 ½

Brush off blast


 SIS Std (The Swedish standards institutes)