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Best Powder Coating Kits in the UK | Quality Finish

Best Powder Coating Kits in the UK | Quality Finish

Welcome to our guide on the top powder coating kits in the United Kingdom. Looking for a high-quality finish on your projects? A powder coating kit is a must-have. It’s perfect for both DIY fans and professionals. These kits are known for their variety of benefits in coating different surfaces.

Finding the right powder coating kit might seem hard with so many choices available. That’s why we’ve chosen the best ones in the UK to help you. You can rely on our advice, from materials to how to apply them, for a finish that excels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the best powder coating kits available in the UK
  • Achieve a high-quality finish on your projects
  • Explore the benefits of using powder coating kits
  • Learn about the different types of powder coating kits
  • Gain practical tips for using a powder coating kit effectively

What is a Powder Coating Kit?

A powder coating kit is a set of tools for tough, good-looking finishes on many surfaces. It’s especially great for metals like steel and aluminium. But, it also works on plastic and ceramics. This method uses a fine powder, then heat makes it a strong shield.

The kit comes with a few key parts:

  • Spray Gun: It spreads powder on your surface evenly. It uses static electricity to make the powder stick.
  • Compressor: This gives the spray gun the air it needs to work right.
  • Powder Coating Booth or Cabinet: It’s a clean place to work, keeping out dust.
  • Curing Oven: After coating, the object goes into this oven. It’s where the powder turns into a solid finish.
  • Preparation and Cleaning Materials: These tools help get your surface ready for the coating.

This kit has all you need to get a professional finish at home. It’s great for people who love DIY projects or have a small workshop.

“Using a powder coating kit allows DIY enthusiasts and small businesses to transform ordinary objects into durable and visually appealing pieces.”

It’s perfect for things like metal fences, classic car parts, or unique finishes. The kit protects against damage and looks great for a long time.

With the right kit, you can make finishes that are smooth, shiny, and come in many colours and textures. This method is a favourite from cars to home projects.

Benefits of Using Powder Coating Kits

Powder coating kits are better than old methods in many ways. They are loved by DIY fans and pros for good reasons.


This coating creates a hard layer that stops scratches and damage well. It keeps items looking good, even when they’re used a lot in tough places.

Resistance to Chipping and Fading

Paint often chips and fades, but not powder coatings. They work well outside, on things like garden furniture or car parts. You won’t need to repaint them often to keep them looking new.

Environmental Benefits

Powder coating helps our planet by being friendlier than liquid paints. The powders don’t have nasty solvents or VOCs. Also, spraying them doesn’t create as much waste, since you can reuse the extra powder.

Wide Range of Finishes

Powder coatings come in many different looks. You can choose from shiny to dull, smooth to rough, and more. This makes it easy to get the style you want.

Using a powder coating kit keeps your things looking better and helps the environment.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, powder coating kits are a great choice. They work well on metal, wood, or plastic, giving a finish that lasts. You’ll be happy with the results.

Types of Powder Coating Kits

Many options for powder coating are out there, each for different stuff and uses. These kits vary, each with its special qualities and abilities.

1. Standard Powder Coating Kits

General coating for lots of materials is what these kits are for. They come with a gun, compressor, and container for the powder. Perfect for those new to coating who want a pro finish.

2. High-Temperature Resistant Powder Coating Kits

For things that get really hot, like car parts or big machines, these kits are great. They use special powders that don’t mind the heat. So, the finish stays top-notch even in high temperatures.

3. Metallic Powder Coating Kits

Want your projects to shine? Then, get a metallic powder coating kit. They have powders that make surfaces shimmer and stand out.

4. Clear Coat Powder Coating Kits

For protecting a surface’s look and making it last longer, go with a clear coat kit. It includes see-through coatings. They shield your work without changing how it looks.

5. Specialty Powder Coating Kits

Some kits are made for certain jobs or materials. Like, there are kits just for aluminium or steel. Or for coating bike frames, guns, or music gear.

6. Powder Coating Starter Kits

Just starting with powder coating? Then, pick a starter kit. It has a simple gun, some powder, and all you need to start coating.

Always follow the maker’s tips and safety rules with any kit. This helps you get the best results and stay safe.

How to Choose the Right Powder Coating Kit

Choosing a powder coating kit means thinking about your needs and the project’s details. Here’s what to look at:

  1. Project Size: First, think about how big the project is. There are kits for all sorts of projects, so pick one that fits yours.
  2. Surface Material: Think about what you’re coating. Kits often work best on certain materials like metal. Make sure the kit you choose is right for what you’re coating.
  3. Desired Finish: Next, choose the look you want. There are many colours and finishes to pick from. Find a kit that has the finish you like.
  4. Kit Components: Look at what comes with the kit. A good kit should have a powder gun, curing oven, and extras. Make sure it has everything you need for your project.
  5. Ease of Use: Check how easy the kit is to use. The best kits are simple to set up and use. It should come with easy instructions and be straightforward to operate.
  6. Budget: Decide how much you want to spend. The price of kits can change based on the brand and features. Pick one that’s good value for your money.
  7. Customer Reviews: Always read what others say about the kit. Their experiences can help you understand how well it works and if people are happy with it.

By keeping these points in mind, you can find the right powder coating kit. It will fit your needs and help you get a professional look for your project.

Top Powder Coating Kit Brands in the UK

In the UK, you’ll find many top brands for powder coating kits. These brands are well-known for their quality, user-friendly products. They are great for anyone, from DIY fans to pros, needing trustworthy equipment.

1. Axalta Coating Systems

Axalta Coating Systems leads globally in powder coating solutions. They have a variety of powder coatings for autos, industry, and architecture. Their kits boast great adhesion, resistance to chips, and bright colours. You can count on Axalta for a lasting pro finish.

2. Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams is a big name in coatings with durable, high-coverage kits. They offer many colours and finishes for metal, wood, or plastic. Their products bring a top-notch, lasting finish to every project.

3. PPG Industries

PPG Industries is known for its first-rate powder coating kits in the UK. Their kits resist corrosion and keep their colour. They provide a big variety of powder coatings, ensuring you get the finish you want. Choose PPG for durability and looks that last.

4. Protec Powder Coatings

Protec Powder Coatings, based in the UK, specialises in these solutions. Their kits work for both big and small jobs in industries or homes. They’re easy to use and come with clear instructions for a pro outcome every time.

5. HMG Paints

HMG Paints is a major UK supplier of powder coating kits. They have a broad range that meets many needs. HMG’s kits are known for their strong, colourful, and lasting finish. With their products, your finish will be flawless and durable.

These top brands show the UK’s strength in powder coating. There are many more to discover. Look into their products and reviews to pick the right one for you. For small DIYs or big industrial jobs, a trusted brand ensures your finish lasts and looks great.

Tips for Using a Powder Coating Kit

Making the right use of a powder coating kit is key for top-notch results in your projects. Valuable advice and techniques can help you get the best from your kit.

  1. Surface Preparation: It’s vital to clean the surface before applying the coating. Use methods like sandblasting, chemical cleaning, or a wire brush to get rid of dirt, grease, and rust.
  2. Proper Application: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When applying the powder, use a spray gun for an even coat. Make sure to keep the same distance and angle for great coverage.
  3. Curing Methods: Curing the coating after applying it is important for a strong finish. Use the baking time and temperature recommended by the powder’s maker. Usually, you’ll need a curing oven or a heat gun for this step.

Getting a top-quality finish requires patience and great attention to detail. Take each step slowly to get the best results.

Here are some additional tips to improve your powder coating experience:

  • Practice on Scrap Materials: If you’re just starting with powder coating, it might help to practice on scraps. This can get you used to the process and boost your confidence.
  • Masking and Hanging: To keep certain areas free from coating, use masking materials. Also, make sure your items are hung correctly. This prevents uneven coats and drips.
  • Safety First: Always think about your safety when using a powder coating kit. Wear protective gear like gloves, goggles, and a respirator to protect yourself.

By using these tips and techniques, you can turn out professional finishes in your powder coating projects. Remember, getting better at this takes practice and a bit of experimentation.

Powder Coating Kit Maintenance

Looking after your powder coating kit well is vital. By doing simple maintenance regularly, you can make sure your kit stays in great shape. This also helps you keep achieving top-notch results.


To clean your kit, unplug it first and let it cool. Then, wipe off any leftover powder with a soft, lint-free cloth. If things are really stuck, a gentle cleaner approved by the maker can help safely.


Storing your kit right is key to avoiding damage and making it last longer. Ensure all parts are clean and dry before putting them away. Keep your kit in a cool, dry spot, and away from moisture and heat.

It’s wise to cover any delicate parts to avoid damage while it’s stored.


Know how to spot and fix common problems to save yourself time and hassle. If you notice your coating is uneven, or the powder isn’t flowing right, check the manual. It will help you sort out these issues smoothly and quickly.

Fixing issues early on keeps your kit running well and your finishes looking great.

“Regular maintenance of your powder coating kit is essential for achieving durable and professional results. By following these simple cleaning, storage, and troubleshooting practices, you can extend the lifespan of your kit and enjoy consistent performance.”

– Expert Powder Coater

DIY Powder Coating vs. Professional Coating Services

When looking at powder coating projects, you can either do it yourself or get professional help. The choice depends on cost, time, and your skills.

A kit lets you work on your items at your own pace and space. It comes with clear instructions and everything you need. This way, coating things can be fun, not hard. You can even make your items look just the way you want.

Professional services, on the other hand, are all about know-how. They use the latest gear and their expert touch can make a big difference. They are the best choice for big projects and a top-notch finish. Plus, they save you from the trouble of doing it all yourself.

But getting pros to do it can cost more. This includes the work they do, using special machines, and running their business. If you need to save money or like doing things yourself, buying a kit might be better.

The time it takes is also worth thinking about. DIY work can be a slow process, needing careful steps to get it right. Professionals, though, can be quick and efficient, getting things done faster for you.

In the end, you choose based on what matters most to you. If you’re hands-on, have space to work, and wish to keep costs down, the DIY route is perfect. But if you’d rather have things done smoothly by experts and get a flawless finish, then pro services are the way to go.

Where to Buy Powder Coating Kits in the UK

Looking for powder coating kits in the UK is not hard. You can find them easily online or by visiting stores. This makes it simple to get the right kit for you.

Online Platforms

Online platforms offer a big choice of powder coating kits. Here, you can look at different brands, prices, and features. Platforms like Amazon UK and eBay UK are great places to start.

On Amazon UK, you will find lots of kits from different brands. You can check what other customers have said in their reviews. EBay UK has new and used kits at good prices. You might also score great deals in auctions. If you want equipment from a dedicated site, try Powder Coating Online. They have everything you need.

Physical Stores

Prefer buying after seeing the product? Some UK stores allow this. Here, you can get advice from experts. Look at Toolstation, with many branches across the UK. They have a variety of tools and kits. Machine Mart is another option for industrial tools and coatings. Trade Paints is ideal if you’re after speciality paints. They are spread out in the UK.

Remember to check the store’s website or contact their customer service to verify the availability of powder coating kits before visiting.

With all these options, getting a powder coating kit in the UK is straightforward. Whether buying online or at a store, look at quality, price, and reviews. This will help you choose the best one. Enjoy your shopping!

Powder Coating Kit Accessories

For top-notch results in your powder coating, the right accessories are key. They work with your kit to make sure you get a great finish. Here are some items you shouldn’t do without:

  1. Safety Gear: Working with powders means putting safety first. Wear gloves, glasses, and a mask to shield your skin, eyes, and lungs.
  2. Masking Materials: Cover parts you don’t want coated with masking materials. Use tapes, plugs, caps, and films that can handle high heat.
  3. Curing Ovens: Ovens are vital for the curing stage to make the coating strong. They heat the coating, bonding it solidly to the surface.

These accessories are vital for a pro-level job. Safety gear keeps you safe, masking stuff lets you hit your target precisely, and curing ovens lock in a tough finish.

“Investing in high-quality accessories not only enhances your powder coating projects but also ensures your safety and the longevity of the coatings.”


Investing in a top-quality powder coating kit is key for lasting and smart results. This article showed the many perks of these kits. These include strong and colour-fast results. They are also great for the environment.

When picking your powder coating kit, look at the project’s size, the material you’re coating, and your finish goals. Consider brands like Rust-Oleum and Axalta in the UK, known for their top-notch kits with happy customers.

Using the right kit and techniques, you can make any surface amazing and durable. This is true for both home DIY and professional work. Check out the recommended brands and sellers in the UK for a great kit to pep up your projects.


What is a powder coating kit?

A powder coating kit helps you apply a powder finish onto many surfaces. It includes a powder gun, an air compressor, and a curing oven.

What are the benefits of using powder coating kits?

Powder coating makes things tough and resistant. It’s eco-friendly and offers many colours and finishes.

What types of powder coating kits are available?

There are kits for various materials like metal, plastic, and wood. They offer different colours and textures.

How do I choose the right powder coating kit?

Think about your project’s size and surface type when choosing a kit. Look for good customer reviews and after-sales support too.

Which brands offer top-quality powder coating kits in the UK?

Axalta Coating Systems, Gema, and Spray Systems are top brands in the UK. They offer durable products with many colour options.

What are some tips for using a powder coating kit effectively?

Prepare the surface well and apply the powder evenly. Follow the curing instructions to get the best results.

How do I maintain a powder coating kit?

Clean and store the equipment properly. Handle issues early and get professional help when needed for smooth work.

What are the differences between DIY powder coating and professional coating services?

DIY kits are cost-effective and give you control over your projects. Professionals have expert skills and equipment for high-quality finishes.

Where can I buy powder coating kits in the UK?

You can buy kits from specialist retailers, online, and industrial stores in the UK. Choose a trusted seller for quality.

Are there any essential accessories for powder coating kits?

Yes, essential accessories include safety gear, masking materials, and a curing oven. They help protect and finish your work well.