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Power Generation

Ever since the introduction of electrical, steam and fossil fuel generated power to industrial processes, the world of British production has grown far beyond what was possible, even just one hundred years ago. Modern production is big business, and a lot of industrial processes are going on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without pause. Many people do not give much thought to the industrial processes going on in the background, but without industrial processes like power generation, manufacturing, car production and fabrication, modern life would be very different from what we have now.

Protecting Power Generation Technologies

Industrial machinery works hard, and so it needs looking after properly. The machinery involved with power generation is no exception, and whether the power generation is for a single unit or building, or the power generation is part of the national grid, it is important to make sure that the power generation machinery is properly protected, cared for and maintained. Like any machinery, power generation units like turbines and generators are susceptible to damage caused by wear and tear while being used, the impact of weather and moisture, and chemical corrosion and rust. One of the best ways to protect any machinery, for power generation or not, is to make sure that at risk parts are properly coated and protected. Powder coating is a practical solution to weather or chemical damage and can be used on power generation units in the same way as you would use it on any other form of machinery.

Powder Coating Power Generation Technologies

When it comes to powder coating, there really is no better company to turn to than Abbey Protective Ltd. Based in Woodbridge, Suffolk, the company have been providing high quality painting and powder coating services for companies and industries of all shapes and sizes, including powder coating and painting for power generation technology units, for the last three decades and the team are well experienced at providing bespoke coating services to suit a range of needs.

Power generation is a hot topic at the moment, and without power generation it is likely that your entire production facility or factory will have to close, either because the technology itself has not got power, or because tertiary systems like lights, air conditioning and safety systems may not work. If you want to get your power generation technology units powder coated safely and properly without risking your production line, you need to make sure to trust your power generation technology to a company with a reliable track record providing professional powder coating services.

Whether protecting against the impact of increasingly unreliable weather, defending against chemical damage or simply providing additional durability to moving parts, Abbey Protective Ltd can offer powder coating and painting options specifically tailored to the specific application and risk involved. The team will be able to advise and support with the whole process, making sure that your power generation technology is protected properly. Get in touch with the team today for more details.